Timir "Timmy" Patel was introduced in season 3 and became a season regular from season 4-7. He first appears when Russell hires him as his assistant. He is a mild-mannered man with a quick wit, often matching Russell with verbal jabs against one another. Although he is fluent in seven languages and holds an MBA, Timmy is often forced to do menial work or to solve Russell's trivial problems which often annoys Timmy. While many of Russell's schemes disgust him, Timmy will often see them through so that he can enjoy Russell's come-uppance. In the final episode, Timmy married Russell to stop him from being deported. He is played by Adhir Kalyan.


  • Timmy and a girl dancing.
  • Timmy and Russell's wedding.
  • Timmy with baby Shae.
  • Timmy with Russell's mother, Bunny.
  • Timmy after giving Liz a makeover.
  • Timir Patel.