The Birthday Deal is the 2nd Episode of Rules of Engagement and the second in season 1. It was initially aired on the 12th February 2007.


When it's time to plan a party for Jeff's birthday, everyone gets involved. But Audrey is spending a little too much time on planning the party, which makes Jeff unhappy. Although Jeff won't reveal what he usually gets in the annual birthday deal, Adam brings up the subject with Jennifer and is then worried when Jennifer not only agrees to give him a birthday deal, but announces she wants to get one in return. Meanwhile, Russell is obsessed with trying to figure out what Jeff's birthday present really is.

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Jeff's birthday is coming up and he's less than thrilled that he will have a party. Even though is doesn't want it he'll have one because Audrey wants to do it. In addition it will make her happy, he'll get his birthday deal. Adam wants to know what it is, but Jeff refuses to tell him. Audrey decides to throw a party that she wants, since Jeff doesn't really care what kind of party it is, so she decides to throw one with a Cuban theme. Adam decides that he wants a birthday deal; Jennifer agrees and she would like to have one as well and that nothing will be off limits. Adam feels that the "off limits" part may be something he'll regret. Jeff is gets upset when he discovers that Audrey bought expensive and quality things like champagne and glasses for the party. She tells Jeff that the champagne was for a toast telling everyone that he is a sweet, special generous man and she leaves the kitchen upset. Jeff makes amends when he toasts Audrey for the hard work and effort she's done for his party. Jennifer reveals what her birthday deal will be and it isn't as bad as Adam thought it would be and we find out that Jeff's birthday deal is nothing sexual, as it is alluded to, but a recreation of his and Audrey's first date.


  • It was watched by roughly 13.43 million people'
  • This episode was included on the Emmy Awards 'For Your Consideration' DVD for this season.