Pilot is the first of episode of Season 1 for Rules of Engagement. The episode originally aired Febuary 7, 2007 on CBS at 9:30 pm in the United States.


Jeff and Audrey learn that their next door neighbor, Jennifer, has become engaged to her boyfriend, Adam. But when Jeff tries to give Adam advice, he develops doubt about the impending engagement. Meanwhile, Audrey fixes up Adam's best friend, Russell, because she believes the right woman could change his habit of being a serial dater. Meanwhile, Jeff inadvertently starts a fight between Audrey and himself about an old bicycle.

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Adam has moved in with Jennifer and on top of that, they're engaged. No wedding date has been planned, and no ring has been given yet. Married couple Audrey and Jeff are invited to an art opening and she wants to invite Adam and Jennifer. Audrey says that they don't have any couple friends and Jennifer is like a little sister to her. In addition she wants Jeff to set a good example to them. When they meet, Adam says they compromise, but Jeff says that when they "compromise" Audrey gets her way and this is how things will be with them. Jeff decides to sell Audrey's bike to her dismay and he wants to know why she's upset with him, but she tells him to figure it out. Adam and Jennifer get into a fight, because he feels that he will not have a say in things and Jennifer questions if he wants to marry her and when he hesitates, she's mad and slams the door on him. In the end Adam with help from Jeff, knows how he feels about marrying Jennifer and Jeff, with Jennifer's help, knows why Audrey was mad when he wanted to sell her bike.

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  • Audrey mentions the Birthday Deal.


  • Adam is a New York Mets fan.
  • Jeff and Jennifer are both allergic to cats.
  • The bike in the hallway of Audrey and Jeff's apartment is Audrey's.
  • Megyn Price claimed in an interview[1] that her and Patrick Warburton are the only original cast members from a pilot filmed three years before this one.

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