Jeff Bingham (November 12, 1970) is a financial adviser and the husband of Audrey since August 12, 1995. He loves sports (NY Giants, NY Mets, NY Rangers, NY Knicks), shuns anything that might resemble sensitivity and often views his marriage as a competition, refusing to let Audrey "win" the upper hand at anything. He is also very frugal and extremely careful with his money – to the extent where he will buy socks in New Jersey to avoid paying additional tax on them – and tries to discourage Audrey from overspending while planning for their future. He has also been known to use coupons from the Entertainment coupon book, as mentioned in an episode. But he had no hesitation in buying on impulse an expensive 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS. He often reminisces about his college days at Syracuse. In the final episode Audrey and he have a daughter called Shae from their surrogate and friend, Brenda. Audrey also reveals that she is pregnant with their second child.

Jeff is quite influential to Adam, often convincing him to do things and taking advantage of Adam's gullible nature. Although he can sometimes go against Audrey, he does care for such as when he stands up to his dad when his dad sues them.


  • Parents: Unnamed Mother (Mother), Roy Bingham (Father)
  • Spouse: Audrey Bingham
  • Children: Shae Bingham, Unnamed Second Child
  • Jeff and Audrey with a horrible chair.
  • Jeff and Audrey seeing their daughter.
  • Jeff and Audrey with Brenda in Labour.
  • Jeff and Brenda at a game.
  • Jeff.