Beating the System
Season Season 5, Episode 20
Original Air Date April 7, 2011
Writer(s) Becky Mann
Audra Sielaff
Director Victor Gonzalez
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 Beating the System is the twentieth of episode of Season 5 for Rules of Engagement. The episode originally aired on April 7, 2011 on CBS at (timeslot for the season) in the United States.


Jeff and Audrey are pleased to discover that their surrogate Brenda is pregnant. Jeff is elated thinking he has "beat the system"; a baby on the way and a wife who will not be pregnant and thus he will not suffer any of inconveniences that go with it. He is mistaken when Audrey tends to Brenda's sickness and moodiness, and even has her temporarily move in with them to assure her well being. After Audrey catches Jeff spending his evenings at the office to avoid all the difficulties, he accepts that this is a huge adjustment and he is going to try his best to be more involved and supportive.

Meanwhile, Jen starts to plan her and Adam's wedding and finds Adam's suggestions unhelpful. Timmy reveals he used to work for an event planner and eagerly steps in to help, leaving a cardboard cut-out of himself at the office in his absence. Eventually, Russell figures out where Timmy is and he jumps in on the wedding planning pushing Jen out. Jen admits she loves their wedding presentation but it is ultimately no use to them as their proposal is estimated to cost $360,000.

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  • Brenda - Sara Rue


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