Audrey Bingham (née Curtis) is an editor at Indoor Living magazine and the assertive, modern wife of Jeff.

She likes to do things on spur of the moment, such as when she buys furniture on the Internet or makes Jeff's shirts into a quilt. She tolerates her husband's insensitivities because she knows he is not malicious and will do whatever it takes to make the situation right once he realizes his mistake. Audrey does not make fun of her friends as much as her friends make fun of each other, but she will frequently save her most-biting criticisms for Russell.

She often insists that she is a "people person", but her attempts to prove it usually result in embarrassment, such as having a co-worker lodge a sexual harassment complaint against her. She also gets into hilarious gaffs due to her good-natured personality. In one example of this, she tries to pretend that she is still working at Indoor Living to impress a former college rival however this backfires when her rival sends her an intern who eventually figures out that Audrey no longer works there.

In another example, in Season 6, Episode 4 "Nature Calls", Audrey is caught by fellow hikers in a compromising position with Adam during their hike (her face at his crotch and hands on the waist of his pants), giving the impression that she was about to give him a blowjob when in actuality she was only helping him to get his pants off due to his hands being covered in poison ivy and him wanting badly to pee.

Her large bust is mentioned throughout all 7 seasons by Jeff, Russell, Audrey herself ("Best boob sweater", "Sweater puppies"), as well as a little boy who tries to bribe her in order to see her big tits in Season 2. In the final episode Audrey and Jeff have a daughter called Shae from their surrogate and friend, Audrey also reveals that she is pregnant with their second child. She is portrayed by Megyn Price


  • Audrey and Jeff with their new baby.
  • Audrey and Jeff with Brenda.